Flattrs of Popular Software Projects

Here's a list of Flattr buttons for a number of software projects you're probably using, all in one place for your convenience. Please show them some love.

All projects are open-source. Also, I've sorted them by number of donations, but I had to do it by hand ('cause I'm too lazy to write code which would do it for me) and thus the order might be off sometimes (I mean, until the next time I decide to update it).

If something is missing and is widely used, tell me and I'll include it. (Also, send links to one-person projects on GitHub – Flattr supports “unclaimed” donations. I'll happily add links, but hunting for them on my own is simply too much work, and if I only list some random twenty or thirty out of hundreds, people will get suspicious.)

Thing Description Button
Markdown-mode Markdown mode for Emacs Markdown-mode
morituri exact Audio CD ripper for Linux (like EAC) morituri
Hakyll static site generator library for Haskell Hakyll
GeoGebra geometry software and education materials GeoGebra
Darcs version control system written in Haskell Darcs
deadbeef music player for Linux deadbeef
Pitivi video editor for Linux Pitivi
GnuPG suite of cryptographic software GnuPG-d
Roundcube web mail client Roundcube
PyPy implementation of Python PyPy
Arch Linux ARM Linux distribution for ARM computers Arch Linux ARM
MediaInfo gathers information about a media file MediaInfo
Haiku fast and simple to use OS Haiku
Meld visual diff and merge tool Meld
ownCloud cloud file storage/access server (kinda like Dropbox) ownCloud
WinSCP SFTP, SCP and FTP client for Windows WinSCP
FlexGet automatic downloader for films, podcasts, comics, etc. FlexGet
Gajim XMPP (Jabber) client Gajim
vimperator Firefox addon for efficient browsing vimperator
Pandoc tool for converting between lots of markup formats Pandoc
Redshift adjusts color temperature of screen (like f.lux) Redshift
Shutter screenshot tool Shutter
jsbeautifier.org Javascript formatter, unpacker and beautifier jsbeautifier.org
ImageMagick Swiss Army knife of image manipulation ImageMagick
Tahoe-LAFS decentralised storage filesystem Tahoe-LAFS
Syncany cloud storage and filesharing thru various backends Syncany
CrunchBang Linux Debian distribution which looks nice and uses Openbox CrunchBang Linux
OpenSCAD CAD modelling software OpenSCAD
Lightspark Flash Player implementation Lightspark
BitlBee IM to IRC tunnel (XMPP, Yahoo!, AIM, ICQ, Twitter) BitlBee
DokuWiki simple to use wiki engine DokuWiki
Miro media player Miro
Linux Mint the second most widely used home Linux distribution Linux Mint
OpenELEC media center Linux distribution OpenELEC
Org-mode planning and note-taking for Emacs Org-mode
MPlayer media player for almost everything and everywhere MPlayer
gPodder podcast client gPodder
awesome window manager for X awesome
Etherpad realtime collaborative document editing for web Etherpad
I2P anonymous peer-to-peer distributed communication I2P
libssh SSH library libssh
Synergy lets multiple computers share one keyboard and mouse Synergy
OpenWrt Linux-based firmware for routers OpenWrt
Piwik web analytics platform (like Google Analytics) Piwik
wget downloader and web crawler wget
SparkleShare easy file/project synchronization with Git as backend SparkleShare
phpMyAdmin tool for administration of MySQL phpMyAdmin
KeePass password manager KeePass
KeePassX another password manager KeePassX
dpkg Debian package manager dpkg
W3C Validator checks the markup validity of Web documents W3C Validator
GIMP raster graphics editor (like Photoshop) GIMP
DuckDuckGo search engine that doesn't track you DuckDuckGo
OpenStreetMap free editable map of the whole world OpenStreetMap
NoScript Firefox addon for blocking executable content NoScript
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