Artyom Kazak – curriculum vitae

CV links: pretty | plain | PDF.

What I do

2017–now: founder of Aelve. I am managing Aelve Guide, a collaborative workspace for large research teams, and Aelve Codesearch, a regex-based code search engine.

2017–now: co-founder of Monadfix, a functional programming consultancy.

2018–2019: backend engineer at Wire. The backend is fully open-source and written in Haskell. I was involved with development, writing specs, doing prototyping for novel features, operations (Cassandra, AWS, Ansible, Kubernetes), and hiring.

2016–2018: software engineer at Serokell. I was one of core developers of Cardano, a hugely successful cryptocurrency with dozens of devs on the team. I was involved in many architectural and design decisions, and wrote a substantial part of the codebase.

Contact me

I speak English and Russian.