Artyom Kazak: CV

NB. This CV is available on my site, as plain HTML, and as PDF.


Who I am: a Haskeller with seven years of experience (working for two years). I have pretty good knowledge of the ecosystem and tooling – right now I'm writing a book about Haskell, and I'm also doing consulting at Dirt Cheap Haskell.

Where I work: at Serokell – I'm one of core developers of Cardano, a 30 kLOC cryptocurrency with dozens of devs on the team. See pretty commit stats. Other than writing a substantial part of the code and doing bug-hunting, I was involved in many architectural and design decisions.

Open-source work: my Github is @neongreen. I also maintain a bunch of libraries on Hackage ( – the two bigger ones are fmt and microlens.

Contacts: you can contact me here (in English or in Russian):

Potential dealbreakers

I have dropped out of university. Depending on your hiring policies and your country's visa policies, this might be a dealbreaker.


Other than my work for Serokell:

Additionally, I have written perhaps the most popular Aeson tutorial and I used to be teaching people Haskell at Haskell Learning Group.

Oh, also algorithms

I've been actively participating in IOI/ACM-style programming competitions:

That was several years ago, but I can refresh my knowledge if needed.