Artyom Kazak

This CV is available on my site, as plain HTML, and as PDF.


About me

I'm a self-taught Haskeller with one year of professional experience (6 years overall). In the past I successfully participated in ACM-style programming competitions; if needed, I'd be able to refresh my knowledge of algorithms quickly.

I enjoy writing tutorials and documenting things, and I care about usability more than I care about principles.

I speak Russian and English.

Potential dealbreakers


I've been studying and using Haskell for 6 years. I have experience with:

I have several yet-unreleased projects; the one that I'm working on right now is a site for collaborative notes on Haskell libraries.

Additionally, I have written perhaps the most popular Aeson tutorial, and once I designed a Haskell task for a hacker competition.

Everything else

Several years ago I've been actively participating in IOI/ACM-style programming competitions:

I have basic knowledge of SQL, and Sqlite in particular (where “basic knowledge” means “enough to write a backend for a static website hosting”). I also know some C, Pascal, and Nim.