Hi! I'm a backend developer at Wire, a Haskeller, and a keypress event generator. I live in Berlin, but originally I'm from Belarus (bonus points if you've ever heard of it).

If you just want to talk or find out how my life's going or whatever, you can write me at yom@artyom.me or in Telegram. If you want to (try to) hire me, here's my resume. You can also peek at my Github (but most of the projects are here). And I've got a Telegram channel with links, short posts and what-not.

This site was last updated on August 13, 2018 under intriguing and mysterious circumstances. If you're unsure whether I'm alive, see my Last.fm. Here's a random TVTrope, xkcd comic, and kitten for you. Have fun!

Artyom Kazak: CV

NB. This CV is available on my site, as plain HTML, and as PDF.


Who I am: a Haskeller with seven years of experience (working for two years). I have pretty good knowledge of the ecosystem and tooling – right now I'm writing a book about Haskell, and I'm also doing consulting at Dirt Cheap Haskell.

Where I work: at Serokell – I'm one of core developers of Cardano, a 30 kLOC cryptocurrency with dozens of devs on the team. See pretty commit stats. Other than writing a substantial part of the code and doing bug-hunting, I was involved in many architectural and design decisions.

Open-source work: my Github is @neongreen. I also maintain a bunch of libraries on Hackage (https://hackage.haskell.org/user/Artyom) – the two bigger ones are fmt and microlens.

Contacts: you can contact me here (in English or in Russian):

Potential dealbreakers

I have dropped out of university. Depending on your hiring policies and your country's visa policies, this might be a dealbreaker.


Other than my work for Serokell:

Additionally, I have written perhaps the most popular Aeson tutorial and I used to be teaching people Haskell at Haskell Learning Group.

Oh, also algorithms

I've been actively participating in IOI/ACM-style programming competitions:

That was several years ago, but I can refresh my knowledge if needed.