🌸 Emily

What I'm doing

// Aug 2023 update: I work at Standard Chartered now, doing Haskell-ish stuff.

Other things:

  • I'm a co-founder of Monadfix, a Haskell consultancy. This is what brings me money currently. Monadfix died.
  • My other commercial project is Brick, a site builder app. It's like Notion, but for making sites.
  • I have a hobby project called WOC ("wind of change") β€” it's a kind of a diary app where you can keep track of hundreds of things at the same time.
  • I'm also working on a web-based database console called Flolet.
  • Finally, I am teaching web development from scratch to Belarusian and Ukrainian kids β€” see webdev.artyom.me. No longer am I doing that.

I used to give talks at Haskell meetups sometimes and write tech / psychology / philosophy posts, but I don't anymore.

Do I have a Discord with all my projects?

Yes. https://discord.gg/Cfux3wKge2 for sure is that Discord.

Where I am

As of Aug 27, 2023, I am in Warsaw.

How to contact me

Telegram at @lightgreen. Or iMessage/WhatsApp at +48 884 759 614.

My email is artyom@artyom.me.

Other things